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Hi, I am Mette and I’m the new owner here at Evanna Lynch Fan. I’m very excited to start working on this site. For now I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. But I also wanted to say thank you so much to Siobhan for letting me take the site over and I hope I can continue the wonderful work she has done.

Last week Evanna spent some time in Dublin to launch the Bord Gais Student Theatre Awards, which recognises and rewards drama in schools across the country. As part of her visit she took part in a small and casual promotional photo shoot for the awards. I have added the images to the gallery for you to see.


I wanted to post this earlier but sadly my internet was being useless.

The Irish Mirror has announced that Evanna has landed a new lead role in a feature film. We know nothing else about the film yet, but it will be Evanna’s first leading role so fingers crossed it’s an exciting one!

Actress Evanna Lynch has landed her first role as a leading lady – in a new Irish feature film.

But in spite of her Harry Potter success the 23-year-old yesterday said she had to battle for the part.

Details of the film will be announced later this week but delighted Evanna is thrilled to be working back in Ireland for a while.

She revealed: “I am doing a movie in Ireland and I had to fight for that one because they didn’t originally want to see me for it.

“There will be details later this week but I can’t say much as yet although it is my first Irish movie and my first lead part.

“It’s very exciting – we have been rehearsing and they have been gathering the rest of the cast so I am excited to start shooting next week.”

Evanna said she is delighted to be working at home and only found out about the film as a friend was auditioning.

She revealed: “It was always my plan to work in Ireland but it is harder and the opportunities are fewer.

“I read this script in LA as it came to me through a friend who was also auditioning but she actually didn’t in the end.

“She told me the script was amazing and as soon as I read it, I couldn’t think of anything else.

“So I sent them a tape and then when you get a part like that, it’s more rewarding when you have had to push for it and prove to people that you can do it.

“The reward is sweeter. And I don’t have to worry about changing my accent as well – although I have been told I’ve picked up a bit of an LA twang.” Read More…

I am sorry for my slowness recently, I ended up with a nasty toothache and it put me out of sorts for a few days. As you can see I have put up a new layout celebrating Evanna’s role as my personal favourite Luna Lovegood.

I have also been working behind the scenes getting the site back up to date. Today I have added a cute photo shoot that was missing from the gallery from Evanna’s Houdini stage show promotions.