Another interview, this time from France! Evanna and the cast sat down with the reporters of 24 Heures in early July, to talk ‘Half Blood Prince’, Luna Lovegood (of course!), ‘Lord of the Rings’ and real life. Also present in the article, a clearer version of the frequently used Luna picture with her Spectrespecs.

In ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ the Irish 18-year-old Evanna Lynch, finds Luna Lovegood a crazy, intricate learner.

Daniel Radcliffe had this to say about Evanna: “she is the biggest fan of ‘Harry Potter’.” A smile passes on the opalescent face of the girl. “There are so many fans of Harry around the world, but I love thinking that it is me who likes it the most. I began reading it when I was 8-years-old. I could not stop after that. I have a very private link with the series, and I thought I was the only one in the world of Harry Potter. Then I spent hours with the fans on the Internet and I began to feel like a member of a community.” Chosen from 15,000 candidates to represent Luna, an eccentric, Spectrospec wearing witch in ‘Order fo the Phoenix’, Evanna tells of finding ‘Half Blood Prince’ as landing in a menagerie of a magical potion.

By interpreting Luna, as a fan, you crossed to the other side of the mirror …
This makes me uncomfortable, all this adoration. I’ve been on many red carpets and every time, these people who howl, who ask for autographs, I wonder what I did to deserve this! I was a fan, like them, and the situation seems ridiculous now.

How do you explain the success of ‘Harry Potter’ during all these years?
It’s true magic. Me, I used it as an escape from the daily grind. On top of that, unlike the Lord of the Rings, I became identifies with the characters. They have their magic, but it is similar to the devotion to a piano or a violin. They cannot save the world, yet they remain normal people.

How did you react when readin the script, finding out that the character of Luna had been reduced?
Of course, they changed her knack. But there isn’t all that much in comparrison to other characters. Luna still has pretty retorts and while she does not speak, she still has some close-ups.

Did you talk with J. K. Rowling?
Oh yes! She gave me information before the publication! She entrusted in me that Luna would take a more important role, and that she would get marries. I remember we spoke about the potential fiancée, I did not agree with her. I felt like that Luna marries Professor Dumbledore, then it was revealed to me that he was homosexual, and nobody else knew it! I was stunned and on top of that, I could not discuss it with other fans. It would have caused a scandal, then it was bruoght out. I could not betray Jo’s secrets.

When you debuted at the age of 16, you disembarked into this team which had already made four ‘Harry Potter’ movies toegher – did you feel as though you were arriving at Poudlard?
They accepted me as Luna! I was the outsider among the stars. And how would I have been able to be considered next to them? It was the strongest vogue of Harry Potter. Then I started correcting them when they made mistakes in theiir dialogue and when they forgot their lines. Rupert Grint had this habit of leaving lollipops in his mouth, which cause mad, irrepressible laughter. This reassured me.

How do you image life after ‘Harry Potter’?
In the end, there has already been one after ‘Harry Potter’ when the last book came out. I felt an infinite sadness. But Luna teaches you that you should not be allowed to be overtaken by grief, then I realised. I have another year of school, then I am going to try become an actress. I have a dream to work with Tim Burton, but he impresses me so much that I have never dared to approach him – but then he came to the first screenings of ‘Order of the Phoenix’ and ‘Half Blood Prince’!

Plus new interviews have appeared: one from Evanna’s Milan tour from late June, and another from mid-July when Matthew and Evanna were promoting ‘Half Blood Prince’ in Switzerland. Hunting down translations as we speak.

And we continue on from our previous two posts, with Evanna promoting ‘Half Blood Prince’ in Mallorca! Not only have we got a brand new photoshoot image (not to mention, photoshoot), we’ve also got a new interview with Evanna with the Diaro de Mallorca. Rough translation below.

The magic of ‘Harry Potter’ does not happen only on the big screen. It was demonstrated yesterday by one of the main protagonists, Evanna Lynch, who gives life to the young character, Luna Lovegood. “On entry, she was my favourite character. Harry saw Launa as different, more mature than the others and very entertaining,” said the actress, during her visit to the spectators of the movie in Ocimax, who all waited for an autograph or photograph with her in the Festival Park.

The 17-year-old Irish young woman was chosen from 15,000 applicants to play one of Harry’s partners from Hogwarts. “In two weeks, I went from a simple fan to an actor,” said Lynch, so nice and shy – she was quite overwhelmed on her first day of shooting. “Those young people were my idols, so there was the impression that I was a simple fan between real actors,” confessed Lynch, who is employed from February in the last movie, where she receives a more leading role.

We get onto the subject of Luna, Evanna corrected the notion of Luna being seen as crazy. “Growing up, we all try to hide something,” she complains, “and we try not to fall into temptation. I’m not trying to cause a rift between me and what other people think, because it is neither possible to change other’s opinions and they mustn’t change yours.”

Her first approach at reading the Potter books was thanks to her mother. “I have always like reading, and she wanted me to read more mature books, so she bought one of the Harry Potter books. I did not want to read the books, but she read a chapter to my brother and I remained hooked,” assures Lynch. “I was eight years old. Since then, my love for these books has grown,” pointed out Lynch, who assures that the fame has only changed her life a little, and for good.

“I had never visited so many countries: it’s madness!” she admits. Also, her studies have also been affected, and is now provided with a tutor to whom she dedicates three hours daily. “It costs a lot, because in a moment you return with a broom to study history,” jokes Lynch, “but when I return to my house – in a small town – all is usual again. Although from now on I will miss the climate of Ireland. I hope to take it with me,” she said yesterday evening.

Plus, another interview (and picture!) from Ultima Hora. Evanna talks ‘Harry Potter’, fans and being a normal girl-next-door. Untranslated interview can be seen here. (Once again, this is a rough translation!)

The actress Evanna Lynch, who personifies Luna Lovegood in the ‘Harry Potter’ movie saga, travelled to Palm to present the movie. After winning the role of Luna out of 15,000 applicants, Evanna Lynch made her debut as an actress interpreting the character of Luna Lovegood in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga. Yesterday, during a presentation of the new movie, ‘Half Blood Prince’, she answered our questions.

How was your integration into the ‘Harry Potter’ team?
I was different from the rest of the actors. In school, I’d done drama, but it was more like a hobby – not progessionally. Only one week, after casting, I met the actors. The whole set was very nice and noboty made me feel out of place, ever. My first session was something incredible – to see Daniel there, so close, and then the rest of the cast was very nice. It took me a while to feel natural around them. I was simply one more fan and I had the sensation that I had to do something more to give me the position of an ‘actor’.

Are you still a big fan of ‘Harry Potter’?
Yes, I am still a big fan, I keep on reading the books and I love it, but now it’s different. Earlier, Harry Potter was one of these things that was almost going so far as to define me as a person, but now, I cannot do it for the simple fact that this saga cannot be all my life – sometimes I need to flee this, because in this type of life you meet many fans and the whole world is good to you. So when I return to my house with my friends, I do not want to speak abut Harry Potter – I just want to have a conversation on any other topic.

What feeling does it have on you on receiving fans?
Soemtimes, it keep on seeming to me rare to sign autographs. Some people act in a very emotive way, for example, a girl after a photo is taken away from me and exploded in tears of emotion. On having seen this, I felt very odd, because I had liked that I was known to act on the ‘Harry Potter’ project, but that I am als a fan. Perhaps, for the people who are centered on becoming an actor or a professional actress, they see it from another perspective, but for me, since I was a fan I know that I am not a star of the cinema, but simply a person.

How does the character of Luna act?
In this movie, she is there to help Harry – she is very enthusiastic and she understands the people. Also, I have the feeling that her mind is very active and many things happen to her. On the other hand, Luna is a character who is always there, and sometimes, she cannot enjoy life – that shows another aspect of her character. David [the director of the film] prefers teaching more this side, then the same old one.

Continuing on from our latest post, we’ve got more Spanish goodies for you! First up, the lovely people at Blog Hogwarts and Harry Potter Spain have forwarded on some gorgeous shots of Evanna, which can all be found here. Some are a little blurry, but they’re still quite pretty! Plus, more screencaptures from their appearances!

Plus, there’s a new addition to Evanna’s most recent photoshoot! This photo has an accompanying interview which will be translated momentarily has been roughly translated below.

Evanna Lynch read the first ‘Harry Potter’ novel when she was eight years old. Since then, she became a huge fan of the saga. She loved it so much, she saw herself as the only person capable of portraying the character Luna Lovegood – so much so that she wrote to J. K. Rowling and shipped of a video to Warner Bros. They were convinced, and Evanna became the chosen girl, out of 15,000, to play the role. Now, at 17, this Irish admirer of Tim Burton and hardened, has been given a taste of where acting can take her.

Should you not be with your friends, speaking about boys?
I have two seperated lives – it doesn’t happen like it does in the books. There are times when I am at home and I live a normal life.

You seem to be a very mature young lady …
Experience makes you mature. I spent a year in London filming, without my family and that influenced on me.

You’re still a big fan – which habitat acts as your ‘sanctuary’?
I painted my room orange and I wrote my favourite quotes.

Does your success owe to any school of talents that you studied at?
I do not believe that [her success] can be placed in anyplace in particular. I center myself very much on who I am and realise what is necessary to support a healthy balance between reputation and reality. I try to be a normal person.

You seem it.
At least, I am with Luna. I said to the producers: you are going to interview many girls and it will be difficuialt to decide, but I identify perfectly with Luna. If you don’t choose me, you don’t know Luna very well.

Do you believe in magic?
Certainly. I like to consult tarot cards and have oracles consult me. For me it works, and allows me to face certain situations.

You’ve done two movies …
Yes, and sometimes I have the sensation that I have imagined everything, especially because I come from a village in Irland and when I return to school, I am with my friends as if it had not happened at all.

And has it given you a taste for acting?
Since I was small, I have done functions with friends, but I never thought about it as a career, as an actress, because I associated the work with something more dificult. Now I have seen that is is hard, but I think I’ll try it.

Some challenge in particular?
It is difficult to think which is going to be the following step, but I need to tackle a more important role. In this one I have not had to strain very much. Everything has gone so fast.

We now interrupt all this Evanna gorgeousness in Spain, to present – screencaptures! I’ve been madly capping away at unseen and hidden videos; captures have been added various interviews and appearances, including: Evanna’s interview with Movie Beat on ‘Half Blood Prince'; the joint appearance by Evanna and Bonnie in Denmark at the premiere of ‘Half Blood Prince'; another interview from late June while Evanna was in Milan; and Evanna’s appearance at the Dublin premiere!

Further updates coming.

First spotting of Evanna and the boys in Spain! From this video it seems they stopped in the city of Malaga for a short question-and-answer session, along with a meet-and-greet. Though not the best quality, captures from the video can be seen in our galleries. And yes, Evanna is wearing her Spectrespecs!

Also while they hung in Spain, the boys and Evanna were interviewed by La Opinon de Malaga which includes a brand new photoshoot image! Viewable here, the photo is hopefully the first of many, many pictures to emerge this weekend! Rough translation of the interview coming up soon – for now, check out the picture!

She looks shy, and she really is. She acknowledges the fact that it was being a true Harry Potter fan that saw her dream come true after being cast to play the role of Luna Lovegood in the series. “I would have settled for any other role, but I’ve always identified myself with Luna” she declares in an interview.

How was your experience as you was incorporated into the cast?
When I got to the set everyone there were my idols. The movies were already a success. I felt I was with the ‘créme de la créme’ Only having the opportunity to meet Daniel Radcliffe was the best, and it took me a long time to see myself as part of the cast, I felt like a fan. The words didn’t come out when I was with them, I couldn’t be natural. I felt that I had to show everyone what I was worth. I was a fan and suddenly I had to act as if I’ve been with them from the very beginning. But they made things easy for me, they were all very nice with me so I got used to it without much difficulty

What do you have in common with Luna Lovegood?
We’re both open minded, we like to elaborate our own opinions on matters without anyone influencing us. What separates us is that I have my feet planted on the ground. I’d never say I was her because that would mean I’d stop growing. I don’t think she’s in a fantasy world, but her own. Where we should all be.

Luna and Harry with their differences, have a special connection.
It gives the impression that Luna us crazy, but she has a good intuition and see things from an objective point of view. Harry needs her because he’s too distracted by the world, and sees what she doesn’t care that he’s the chosen one. Luna’s very sincere and contributes to Harry clairvoyancy.

If you could make a potion, what would it be?
Definitely Felix Felicis, find the happiness without anyone taking it from you. I love that feeling when you believe in yourself. It’s like when Ron believes he’s drunk the potion. Maybe there’s nothing in Felix Felicis, the secret could be in that it gives you the confidence to do what you want.

There’s a rumour that Rhys Ifans could be cast as Luna’s father, Xenophilius, in the next film.
He’s brilliant. I’ve dared my own father to show up to the casting because he even looks like him, but I don’t think he could act on-screen simply because of how he is. Rhys Ifans is perfect, and very sweet. He was filming one day for the next films and I was on set for rehearsals. We don’t have many scenes together so we don’t see each other often. When he saw me he was wearing his bathrobe and crazy hair, he hugged me and said “I’ve missed you”. He’s charming.

(This translation is most likely to be extremely flawed, I’m working from Babelfish and my miniscule knowledge of Spanish. Still having troubles with the last question, “It is rumored that Rhys Iffans is playing Luna’s father, Xenophilius, in the next movies.”, but it should be up soon.)

Check back for further updates!

While we wait for Evanna’s upcoming appearance in Spain (if you’re unable to recollect what I’m talking about, take a gander at an older update), there’s even more photographic additions in the galleries – this time in high quality! Thanks to Oclumencia, five new pictures have been added in high quality to the Belgian premiere of ‘Half Blood Prince’.

Also from her Eastern European tour, brand new fan photographs from the Swiss premiere of ‘Half Blood Prince’ have been added. These gorgeous photos were taken by Henko and have been added to the galleries (photo tip from the lovely people at Luna Fans).

A little bit later … Some new scans from the past month have been uploaded, including: scans from the Danish magazines ‘Ekstra Bladet‘ and ‘Tele Nedelja‘; an interview with Realms of Fantasy; plus, in the latest edition of ‘ONE‘ magazine (a French publication), Evanna is on the cover alongside other Potter cast mates – if anyone is able to scan this issue, the relevant Evanna sections, that would be extrememly helpful!

These should keep you all sated until Evanna’s next appearance on Saturday! See y’all then.

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