Sorry guys, I was busy with other things in the real life. I’ve added new/old pictures of her in the last events from the year 2013 to the gallery. Enjoy!

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(x10) – Public Appearances > 2013 > July 22 | he 2013 Outfest Film Festival Closing Night Gala Of G.B.F.
(x15) – Public Appearances > 2013 > November 9 | JK Rowling Hosts Fundraising Event For Charity ‘Lumos’

Hi everyone! My name is Mila and I’m new here. You might know me from my other sites: Adoring Taylor Schilling, Adoring Norman Reedus, Maisie Williams Fan, Bella Heathcote Online and check more sites here on my collective! Evanna Lynch Online is back! From now I’ll update the gallery with all new and old photos.

Last November Evanna was over in the U.S. filming a short film in New York entitled “It Don’t Come Easy”. The film is the first work by aspiring writer-director, Sabrina Jaglom, and features Evanna in the lead role of Ella. “It Don’t Come Easy” is a New York University Advanced-level film student film. Some behind-the-scenes photos featuring Evanna and her co-stars Tom Sullivan and Jack Quaid have been added to the galleries courtesy of Nargle City, Facebook and this online album.

You can find out more about the short film here on the film’s Indie GoGo Funding Page and their Facebook.

A magical realism romantic comedy/dark, modern fairytale.

A story about a girl who receives a journal and discovers it gives her the power to change people’s actions. She builds her perfect world but, by indulging her imagination, she is forced to learn that there are consequences to her actions and that, in life, things aren’t necessarily better if they come easily and you have to work for the things that are worth it.

Sorry this is late but here’s a quick little interview with actress Megan Mullally talking about her new film, an indie, called “G. B. F.”. Although no announcement was made of Evanna’s involvement in the film, Evanna was spotted in Los Angeles a handful of times during the filming period. “G.B. F.” stars Megan Mullally, Sasha Pieterse, Natasha Lyonne and Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. The film will be released somtime next year (rumours placing it either in spring or summer).

Evanna plays McKenzie Price, a homophobic student who is also the head of the O.M.G. Prayer Club.

“G.B.F.” focuses on two closeted gay high school students — one shy but flamboyant, one more reserved. When shy guy Tanner is outed, he is picked up by the cool girls and he begins to surpass still-closeted Brent in popularity.

Sorry these are late! New photos have been added, this time from Evanna’s photoshoot with Giuliano Bekor. This photoshoot was conducted for Runway Magazine.