The beautiful Evanna Lynch could so easily have been consumed by her Harry Potter fame. Known and loved for her role as Luna Lovegood in the film version of J. K. Rowling’s magical series, Evanna fit the part so well that a less talented actress might have been unable to move on with her career. Not so Evanna, who has just announced her latest role as Fiona Carrick-Smith for the upcoming thriller Monster Butler. Co-starring Gary Oldman and the legendary Malcolm McDowell in the title role, we at FAULT are hugely excited about the project and can’t wait to check out the trailers!

To celebrate Evanna’s new role, we’re posting a preview of our exclusive fashion shoot with the fun-loving blonde, shot in Spring in London’s Hyde Park. We say ‘fun loving’ for a reason: Evanna and the production team spent more time dancing around to Rihanna than actually shooting for the feature. This is probably the only serious shot we have. We love them all, though and hope you do too.

The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Evanna has signed onto the indie movie, “Monster Butler”, starring Malcolm McDowell, Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan, and Joanne Whalley.

Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan, and Joanne Whalley are also in the movie, which tells the true story of Roy Fontaine, aka Archibald Hall (McDowell). Fontaine was a bisexual jewel thief/con man/serial killer, and the movie — which begins shooting this week in Scotland — will tell of his personal descent into darkness and his eventual capture.

Lynch will play Fiona Carrick-Smith, who is intrigued by her upper-class family’s new and seemingly all-knowing butler. Seeing him as an older, wiser confidant, she confesses her misgivings for her upcoming marriage and her longing for dangerous excitement. She soon acts on her desires with the butler — acts of reckless behavior that lead to betrayal and tragedy.

Just Jared have released their exclusive photoshoot, interview and behind-the-scenes video online! The photoshoot was shot by Francis Bertrand and you can check out the whole set in our galleries. You can check out the behind-the-scenes video at the JJ website and it isn’t embeddable.

“I have a guest appearance on a TV show that’s premiering this summer,” the 20-year-old Irish actress teased to us. “I’ll be in the finale episode and hopefully it’ll turn into a more regular role. I’m just really excited about that. It’s a great series and has an amazing cast.”

How did shooting TV compare to your film experiences?
I was excited and nervous because it was the first thing I did since Harry Potter, so it was the first thing I kind of felt like, you know this is job. Harry Potter was my childhood and it felt very safe and this was something I was excited about. I wanted to work and meet new people. (You can still vote for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 as MTV’s Movie of the Year!)

Tell me about the day you got your Harry Potter role and then the last day on set.
It was when I was 14. I knew they were going to call me and tell me whether I got it or not. It was on a Monday and so I told my mom, “We need to go straight home after school.” I was checking my phone and nothing, nothing. Then she was like, ” We need to go pick up some groceries.” and I was like, “No, because you’ll take so long. I’ll get the groceries.” So I went into the store and I got the call!

And the day [I] left was obviously a sad day to see that chapter close. My last day was a group scene. I didn’t have any lines … I remember being there and being so happy to see everyone again. It wasn’t until the very end when I went to say goodbye to the producers and director David Yates that I just broke down, because that was when I first came to the studio for my first audition, that was where we went first. It was all very new and I ended up feeling so at home there.

Did you take anything from set?
I didn’t steal any props. I collected all the call sheets (laughs) and I took the sign from my door that said my name. I wasn’t very daring.

What were your favorite looks from today’s photo shoot?
The feathery one was fun. It was so much fun because they were not clothes that I would normally wear or choose for myself. I like how at photo shoots you go and someone sees you how you would see yourself. It just opens your mind to characters you can play and things like that.

You have a Michael Jackson tattoo …
Yeah, I’ve had that for a while. I got that on my 18th birthday. I just always wanted a tattoo and it’s a place where I don’t see it so I don’t ever get tired of it. I think it’s fun because people don’t expect it of me.

Are there any books that you’d love to see get adapted into a movie?
“The Hunger Games” is the big one for me recently. I don’t know, can I get back to you on that? I always liked that book, “Star Girl”. Have you heard of that one? She was very much like the character of Luna so that’s why I liked it. She was more damaged than Luna. I’m going to go look at my bookcase when I go home.

I know you like Disney. Who is your favorite princess?
I love Ariel. I got her autograph. (laughs)

That would be an awesome movie, right?
Yeah, absolutely yes! I think they should do like a dark one, like how they’ve done Snow White. Maybe they could do the real fairytale. The real fairy tale is where she dies at the end and he doesn’t love her in return.I think there’s sort of a message in there like wasted opportunities. Like she always wants to be this something. It is sad, but I think it would be interesting.

Would you dye your hair red?
Absolutely, yeah. I can’t swim, though, so that’s a problem.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I do listen to a lot of Michael Jackson. I also like Aqualung, they’re my favorite band.

Do you have any secret hobbies?
I do a lot of yoga … I’m training to be a teacher. I enjoy it. It keeps me calm. I like art. I go to art galleries a lot.

Who’s your favorite artist?
I think Chagall. His stuff is so dreamy.

The first full-length trailer for Sky 1′s miniseries, “Sinbad”, has appeared online. Unfortunately, there’s no glimpse of Evanna in the trailer – her role and character will most likely kept hush-hush – but it looks like a pretty interesting show!

“Sinbad” will air on Sky 1 in July and stars Elliot Knight, Naveen Andrews, Estella Daniels and Marama Corlett. An extended synopsis can also be read below.

On the run from his home town of Basra and under a curse for a killing that led to the death of his much-loved brother, the streetwise Sinbad finds himself cast out to sea. Surviving a violent and magical storm, both Sinbad and his intriguing fellow ship-mates are forced to band together to face their inner demons, hopes, loves and fears. Our flawed hero embarks on an epic and emotional quest to rid himself of the curse and embrace his destiny. When mystical meets muscle anything can happen.

As you may recall, Evanna attended the Empire Awards 2012 back in March. Evanna, Matt and David Yates were onhand to receive a special award on behalf of the cast and crew of the “Harry Potter” film series. After the awards, Evanna and her “Potter” co-star, Matthew Lewis, both partied away at the after party and had fun in the photobooth and as part of a large group photo by Sarah Dunn.