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What type of music do you listen to? Do you have any favourite bands or genres?
I have a very varied and alternative taste in music! My friends have voted me ‘worst taste in music’ on facebook actually! I thoroughly disagree. Michael Jackson is my ultimate favourite musician and man. I only discovered him about 2-3 years ago and since then my love and fascination with him and his music has grown considerably. I love his music and personal style, especially his dance and I mostly only want to listen to him. They make me happy and feel uplifted and are the best tracks to dance to. But mostly he is my favourite musician because he used his immense talent to channel important messages to help change the world. The messages in his songs are so strong and direct that when you listen to them you have to hear them, Like Man in the Mirror, Earth Song, History, We’ve Had Enough. I love that philosophy of questioning yourself and the world, transforming yourself and believing that one can make a difference in order to make a difference. You have to live in today and make the most of your chance on earth by enhancing your life and as many others’ lives as possible. So many people are passive and think it’s for someone else to do but his message was to stop existing and start living’ because we all have that power in us and yet it must be a joint effort. He’s inspiring on so many levels. I was extremely sad after his passing and feel I miss him very much despite never having met him. But his music and message will never die because he moved the kind of people who are determined to let it live on. Another band I love is AIR. I listen to them when I want to dream or think. Their music is just beautiful, and the lyrics simple, yet so deep. makes you feel far apart from reality. So nice. I also love Aqualung, Sigur Ros, Regina Spektor, Coco Rosie, Jean Michel Jarre, Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead (only sometimes though, they need to cheer up a bit!) wizard rock (kinda inevitable though), Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, No Doubt…blah blah blah. I listen to soundtracks from movies and my favourite musicals too, especially Rent. Britney Spears too, rather adversely, I love her music and admire her a lot, I think she’s a brilliant performer and a cool person.

What are some of the quotes on your bedroom walls?
Only the best! The ones that have really affected me. There’s ‘To the well organised mind death is but the next great adventure’, ‘it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’, ‘I am not worried Harry, I am with you’, ‘Dumbledores (wo)man through and through’, ‘Give her hell from us, Peeves’, ‘Did I tell you I’ve invented a broomstick that’ll reach Jupiter’, ‘Don’t worry you’re just as sane as I am’, ‘I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts…but you cannot deny, he’s got style’, ‘NEVER-INSULT-ALBUS-DUMBLEDORE-IN-FRONT-OF-ME!’. Bit of a Dumbledorist need I mention? I am tired of my room though. It gives me a headache and as you can see it was designed before the beauty and perfection of Deathly Hallows graced our lives! I’m going to give it a makeover any day now. I think a DUmbledore mural is in order.

We’ve seen you wearing very different styles of fashion at press events over the last few years, do you have any influences such as Agyness Deyn, a stylist, or this all you?
I have style influences, certainly. Everyone does, no matter what they claim. However, I find it difficult to pinpoint just one style icon. Anyone true to themselves changes their style regularly and I do believe style is a personal thing, reflecting your moods and experiences. You will have seen me wearing very different styles because I don’t define myself. I can’t describe my style because it changes every week. I am notorious for falling in love with an outfit, buying it, then hating it 2 days before an event and having to rush out and buy a new one! These days I am favouring black because I got tired of people expecting me to be quirky. Friends were labelling me as alternative and sometimes I would pass up on a dress because it wasn’t ‘me’ enough or what people expect of me. Now I just wear what I want in the moment. However, I amn’t totally philosphical about style always! I do steal! I think Gemma Ward and Audrey Tautou always look amazing and know what compliments their look. Katie (Leung) always looks flawless and stylish, does layering better than Marc Jacobs! I have a cousin whos style I am in awe of and who seems to have a degree in shopping. But that all means squat if you don’t have confidence in whatever you’re wearing. Posing is an art!

What do you want to do after Harry Potter has ended? Are you considering a long-term career in acting? Will we ever see you in anything else, or is it university like Emma after Deathly Hallows?
Hmmmmm. That’s my answer! Well no, I don’t do short answers, ha! I definitely want to do more acting. Definitely. I love acting and I have so much to learn from it and so many more people to meet. The film has been the best experience of my life and has opened so many doors for me. I could never be content now to just shrink back and not take hold of all these opportunities. However it is not what I want to do forever, more something I feel I should explore while I’m young. I do feel that there is not enough creative control for actors, unless perhaps to older veteran actors who have proven themselves versatile and have built up strong personal relationships with their directors which earns them trust…but that takes a long time. I think as a young actor you are very much protected and obvious as it may sound, directed. It’s just part of my personality to feel uncomfortable with anyone having power over me. I love it of course, I just know I will not do it forever. Acting is an art, but film is an industry and we are all here to make money. I have aspirations to be a director and a writer and a dancer and all those fanciful things so I know acting is good for me and introduces me to amazing people passionate about these things too. And I enjoy it so why would I quit? I have so much to learn about this and from this and I do still feel like I work hard. Basically laziness is what I fear, and as soon as I stop stretching myself I will move on. I have fantasies about doing West End and amazing live shows like that. I love it and am always inspired and awestruck when you go to a show and witness how one small person can hold a whole audience spellbound. So someday. Right now people tell me my voice is too little for the stage so I need to work hard til I get to that point! After Deathly Hallows though… is there an after??? Say it isn’t so!

Aside from reading, what are your favourite hobbies that you like to do in your spare time?
Lots…I love dancing. It is a passion. During the holidays and any free time I get I am happy to spend in the dance studios for hours. I love street dancing and jazz. However it is hard to keep it up so intensely as well as everything else and my parents don’t want me to go to a dance school yet. Perhaps for university. I also love yoga and have done it everyday since I was 11 basically. It compliments dancing perfectly too! Reading, yes. Watching films, I love. Learning French, it’s my favourite language. I love to travel, as I just discovered in the past year or too and find I meet the must interesting experienced people on buses and trains…and they always seem to have red hair somehow. I like to shop as well and my mother tells me that shouldn’t count as a ‘hobby’. Of course like anyone, I long hanging out with friends and do that all the time and don’t get as much time as I should for everything else! But we all need friends and special people in our lives so I don’t feel to guilty for the hours we spend sitting around parks and coffee shops and doing nothing really!

Out of all the actors on Harry Potter, who have you enjoyed working with the most?
I would have to say I’ve enjoyed most working with the people I have become closest to. You hear of a lot of hierarchy and people being unwilling to engage with others because they are so concentrated on their work and personally I really admire those people who can strike a nice balance of being a nice, friendly and relaxed presence whilst also being talented, hard-working actors. I think it is essential to keep your feet on the ground and make an effort to work WITH people because actors are trying to portray real people. I used to look up to people like Emma and Bonnie and Matt and found it hard to imagine myself fitting in with them. But they extended the hand of friendship and bridged the gap and eventually I was able to see myself as one of the cast. I like to feel comfortable and relaxed with the other actors because that way we can work off one another and it doesn’t have to be acting, you can just be. It’s like when you’re young and you play pretend with a friend. You don’t have that annoying voice of doubt that wonders what the other person is thinking of you and prevents you from playing with whatever character you are. You believe you and your friend are those characters so it is easy to crawl into their skin and just be. You can forget yourself.

Can you describe Luna’s film role in the Half-Blood Prince?
Hmm, does this still apply? You’ve all seen it but I’ll try and describe it anyway. The most silly question I get asked in interviews is ‘How has Luna changed in this film?’. But Luna doesn’t change. She will never have to because she has always been 100% true to herself and is entirely comfortable with that. Other people change because they are not so comfortable with themselves. They are free when they are young and then adolescence kicks in and they examine themselves and go through countless transformations. And then they spend their adult years trying to remove all that dressing and get back in touch with their spirit. Luna has this remarkable and completely refreshing ability to detach from life and the worldly influences so I doubt she’ll change very much as she grows. Her obscure creatures knowledge will grow however, that is one thing about her that just seems to get more colourful. I think her role in this film specifically is to remind Harry of what’s real and to lighten the atmosphere, she justs eliminates any tension and helps everyone around her forget their problems even for a few moments. Harry has a tendency to get all wrapped up in the world around him and everything that he has to do and Luna’s presence reminds him that it’s not all such a big, dangerous deal and he can tune out of it whenever he needs to.

We understand you have a significant input into Luna’s costumes and props. What have you done for HBP? Do you have anything planned for Deathly Hallows yet? (In an interview you joked about having a spiked ball tied to Luna’s hair. Was this actually a joke?)
I didn’t do anything for costume this time really, Jany the costume designer is such a genius, I’d be afraid to interfere. They are still using my radishes though which is nice, I think they are staple now. I did get to design the lion hat however which I am very proud of. I had a very vivid image of how it would look and was so excited when the Davids offered me the opportunity to design it. I wanted it to look like it was eating her head and for him (it his a him) to look a bit wild and rough and old as she has such a pure, innocent and light hearted look and I thought it would make a hilarious contrast. He has a few earrings and dreadlocks which you probably don’t see on camera, but yes he certainly has had a wild ride, many stories I’m sure. I haven’t done anything for DH yet, I’ve just been busy with school. Unfortunately, ‘I was fashioning a woolen heliopath mobile’ isn’t an acceptable excuse for not having ones homework done. Though it should be. The spiked ball! Yes, that was a joke between the hairdresser and I! Has to be some technical reason for such a lot of hair, it could do some serious damage. I must take it up with David Yates… Perhaps that is a bit Lara Croft though, my money says we’ll be sticking to those lethal jets of light.

Is there any actor in particular that you think would be good in Xeno Lovegood’s role? Does your dad look like him? Have you heard anything regarding the casting of this role yet?
Has it been confirmed? Well, we all know anyway! I was over the moon when I heard. I was really boggled trying to think who would fit the bill. In the past I had pondered Jim Broadbent as a sort of amped up, frazzle-haired version of his character in the Borrowers, he was fantastic. But then they cast him as Slughorn and that obviously wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t think of anyone at all and then they told me Rhys Ifans was cast and I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect. I am delighted and can’t wait to work with him which has not happened yet! I’m sure many people would like to have him as a dad, my friends are all a bit jealous

Which part of Deathly Hallows are you most excited about seeing turned into film?
I imagine everyone will say this-the walk through the woods and Platform nine and three quarters. It was such an experience to read, such a catharsis, I remember reading it for the first time and I felt like I could hardly keep up with my own eyes rushing across the pages. It will be so exciting to see how they translate that experience onto film, to see what someone else made of it. And of course the Lovegood house!! I have seen it being made from scratch and been in it and all around it and it is absolutely beautiful, much more vivid and detailed and alive than anything I could ever dream up even while reading the books. I hope they give it good screen time, it truly deserves it. I’m so excited just to see Mr.Lovegood in action. Luna has always been so different and jarring to those around her, it will be so nice to see someone with the same energy and hear his lines, you can’t beat the Lovegoods for unpredictability.

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