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Evanna Lynch read the first ‘Harry Potter’ novel when she was eight years old. Since then, she became a huge fan of the saga. She loved it so much, she saw herself as the only person capable of portraying the character Luna Lovegood – so much so that she wrote to J. K. Rowling and shipped of a video to Warner Bros. They were convinced, and Evanna became the chosen girl, out of 15,000, to play the role. Now, at 17, this Irish admirer of Tim Burton and hardened, has been given a taste of where acting can take her.

Should you not be with your friends, speaking about boys?
I have two seperated lives – it doesn’t happen like it does in the books. There are times when I am at home and I live a normal life.

You seem to be a very mature young lady …
Experience makes you mature. I spent a year in London filming, without my family and that influenced on me.

You’re still a big fan – which habitat acts as your ’sanctuary’?
I painted my room orange and I wrote my favourite quotes.

Does your success owe to any school of talents that you studied at?
I do not believe that [her success] can be placed in anyplace in particular. I center myself very much on who I am and realise what is necessary to support a healthy balance between reputation and reality. I try to be a normal person.

You seem it.
At least, I am with Luna. I said to the producers: you are going to interview many girls and it will be difficuialt to decide, but I identify perfectly with Luna. If you don’t choose me, you don’t know Luna very well.

Do you believe in magic?
Certainly. I like to consult tarot cards and have oracles consult me. For me it works, and allows me to face certain situations.

You’ve done two movies …
Yes, and sometimes I have the sensation that I have imagined everything, especially because I come from a village in Irland and when I return to school, I am with my friends as if it had not happened at all.

And has it given you a taste for acting?
Since I was small, I have done functions with friends, but I never thought about it as a career, as an actress, because I associated the work with something more dificult. Now I have seen that is is hard, but I think I’ll try it.

Some challenge in particular?
It is difficult to think which is going to be the following step, but I need to tackle a more important role. In this one I have not had to strain very much. Everything has gone so fast.

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